Company guidelines and policy

Leading paper producer in growth markets in respect of quality, cost and production efficiency.
We supply paper to our customers who demand high quality products with a strong environmental profile and extensive service.

The Guideline for all our actions is predefined by the Heinzel Group and the company policy of Laakirchen Papier AG. This is defined by the executive management and practiced by all employees. All derived objectives are supported and consistently monitored by our staff.
Laakirchen Papier AG is among the leading producers of SC and corrugated paper with regard to efficiency and quality. Our aim is to satisfy external and internal customer needs by providing excellent products and services . A high service level supports these requirements. We regard product quality to be three-dimensional: runnability, service and environmental friendliness.
We want to minimize the environmental impact caused by the activities at our site by applying best practices, but also by using and subsequently disposing our products by economically reasonable applications based on the best available technology. The possible influence of new products and methods to the environment are examined and assessed in advance.
We seek to use raw materials that originate from sustainable management and not from controversial sources and are recyclable. Moreover, we want to use our own resources in a sensible and an economical manner. The awareness of environmental responsibility is actively encouraged among all our employees. Our personnel should be proud of Laakirchen Papier AG also regarding environmental issues.
As an energy-intensive company, continuous improvement of energy efficiency is necessary for our success. The long-term reduction of our specific energy consumption is both a financial and environmental goal. We also assume responsibility with regard to reducing energy-related greenhouse gas emissions and therefore enhance the use of renewable energy sources when economically viable. Providing the resources and information needed for the implementation of these goals and the involvement of personnel through the ESAVE programme represent important steps in this direction.
Work health and safety are important aspects of our corporate culture and demand mutual respect, trust and responsibility. Consistent activities in this area significantly contribute to innovative company development. Our aim is to achieve the best possible retention of our employee’s health, as well as the prevention of personal injury and the guaranteed security of third parties. A zero accident figure is our ultimate goal.
We are aware of the hygiene-related risks and have adopted all necessary technical, organizational and personnel measures to ensure the supply of high-quality products which are free of foreign substances and in hygienically flawless condition.

Stakeholder principles:
Our ultimate financial goal is a sufficient and lasting value creation. The generated financial value and calculable risks determine the pace of our growth. Our decisions and activities are based on upholding all legal statutes and official notifications as a minimum requirement towards the government and all other third parties. In order to meet the high demands for quality and reliability, it is important to cooperate with stakeholders in an open and honest manner.
We wish to develop long-term and fair partnership to our customers as well as to our suppliers in order to understand and respond to development trends and market needs. Developing our strengths represents the basis of our sense of self-awareness. The guiding principle behind all our activities is the obligation to our customers to fulfill their requirements with innovation, top quality and a high level of service.
Competent, loyal and motivated employees offer the most important potential for company development. The progress of our organization is based on trust and personal responsibility with jointly agreed objectives as a direction control.
A cash flow that exceeds the branch average provides the precondition for lasting security of our operation and shall strengthen the trust of shareholders for future investments. Serving our long-term customers takes priority over the short-term maximization of contribution margin. Our customers should also honor the environmental advantages of our products in terms of value.
When communicating with customers, suppliers, employees, authorities and the general public , openness and honesty set the standard of our information policy. Our leadership culture includes comprehensive employee information to enable responsible work efforts as well as creative entrepreneurial thinking and thus obtain a high level of identification with the company. The entire staff is integrated into the continuous improvement process.