Energy management in Laakirchen

Energy management incorporates all the measures that are planned and implemented in order to secure the performance and quality required with a minimum use of energy. In this connection, energy management influences both organizational and technical procedures, as well as behaviour patterns. It is targeted on a reduction in overall consumption subject to economic considerations and the continual improvement of energy efficiency within the mill.

Gasturbine der Laakirchen Papier AG

An energy management system (EnMS) serves the systematic registration and control of the energy flows in the mill and acts as a basis for investment decisions relating to enhanced energy efficiency. The systematic approach contained in a functional EnMS enables the company to adhere to its energy policy targets and continually improve its energetic performance.
As a result of the continuing increase in pressure generated by the steady rise in energy costs, during recent years our company has implemented a large number of projects aimed at greater energy efficiency. Equally, schemes such as E-SAVE have been launched in order to lower energy costs. EnMS represents a further development of existing programmes in order that the energy objectives contained in company policy can be achieved.
In May 2013, Laakirchen Papier AG received ISO 50001 accreditation.