Management Board

  • Thomas Welt
    Thomas Welt
    CEO Laakirchen Papier AG
  • Franz Baldauf
    Franz Baldauf
    CFO Laakirchen Papier AG
  • Andrea Hennerbichler
    Andrea Hennerbichler
    Assistant to the Board of Management
  • Jan Reibert
    Production Manager Containerboard
  • Stefan Winkelbauer
    Production Manager SC Paper
  • Walter Mair
    Walter Mair
    Head of Quality Management & Management System
  • Matthias Conrad
    Matthias Conrad
    Head of Sales Starboard
  • Thomas Komin
    Thomas Komin
    Head of Sales SC Paper
  • Michael Radler
    Michael Radler
    Head of Purchasing Laakirchen Papier AG / Heinzel Group
  • Thomas Strauss
    Thomas Strauss
    Head of Energy and Environmental Protection
  • Herbert Ziegler
    Herbert Ziegler
    Safety & Compliance Manager
  • Roland Stadlhuber
    Roland Stadlhuber
    Mechanical Maintenance
  • Bernhard Rehschützer
    Bernhard Rehschützer
    Electrical Maintenance
  • Siegfried Schober
    Siegfried Schober
    Measurement & Control Technology
  • Andreas Rouha
    Andreas Rouha
    Head of Logistics
  • Barbara Baumgartner
    Barbara Baumgartner
    Head of Human Resources
  • Bettina Nußdorfer
    Bettina Nußdorfer
    Marketing & Communication Manager / Group Communication

Customer Service Centre

  • Gerald Würflinger
    Gerald Würflinger
    Customer Service Manager - Containerboard
  • Heidi Zausek
    Heidi Zausek
    Production Planning Containerboard
  • Andrea Heidegger
    Andrea Heidegger
    Production Planning SC Paper
  • Doris Schneeweiß
    Doris Schneeweiß
    Sales Administration
  • Christina Gruber
    Christina Gruber
    Sales Administration

Technical Customer Service

  • Hannes Spiegel
    Hannes Spiegel
    Technical Customer Service I Containerboard
  • Jakob Sawitzki
    Jakob Sawitzki
    Technical Customer Service I Grafische Papiere
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