Movement for quality of life and environment

Pure water, clean air – an intact environment is part of the quality of life. Economizing in an environmentally friendly way conserves the resources we draw on. Economic success and environmental sustainability is not a contradiction to us, but a cornerstone of our identity.

State-of-the-art technologies

The environmentally-friendly, compatible infrastructure at the location allows management of the materials cycle in an ecologically sensible manner which is exemplary for the whole European paper industry.
Apart from the plant for “actual“ paper production like refining, stock preparation plant, PM 10 and PM 11, the site also has a deinking plant for the treatment of waste paper, a multi-stage mechanicalbiological sewage plant with ozone system and a gas turbine operating on the cogeneration principle and ensuring around two thirds of the proper energy supply and the complete heat supply of the factory.
Furthermore a modern disposal site and a fluidized bed boiler for the thermal use of residual biogenic wastes are located in close proximity to the factory.

Ecological vision

Efficient measures, ecological vision and the aim for steady improvement are characteristic of the environmental management of Laakirchen Papier AG. Laakirchen Papier AG offers their customers paper with PEFCTM and FSC® certification. This ensures that wood exclusively from sustainably managed forests is used in paper production.

Investment in the future

After the extension of the waste paper treatment plant, the use of primary fibre (wood) can be reduced and the share of recycled fibre (waste paper) can be increased. This reduces the energy requirement as well as the carbon dioxide emissions significantly and allows an optimal use of natural resources. A tailored technology was developed for this recycling process. It allows the increased use of waste paper in high-quality magazine papers as well - without any compromises with respect to paper quality.

Systematic responsibility

Quality and environmental protection, as well as occupational safety and health protection are controlled and optimized on a regular basis by the management system of Laakirchen Papier AG.

  • ISO 9001 – quality management system
  • ISO 14001 – environmental management system
  • ISO 18001 – security management system
  • ISO 50001 – energy management system (from May 2013)
  • FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®)
  • PEFCTM (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes)
  • Paper Profile
  • Carbon Footprint
  • EU Ecolabel

A digital copy of our certificates is available in the Download section.

We value your opinion!

An important prerequisite of our information policy is open dialogue with our stakeholders and all those interested in our company and products. For this reason we actively seek a dialogue with our employees, our customers, business partners, authorities, environmental associations, with citizens in our community and region and with all interested readers of this environmental report.
Thank you in advance for your interest. We are already looking forward to your suggestions and every kind of constructive feedback.

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