Business Strategy of the Year

It was only just over a year ago that the Flying Rhino took off and is now flying higher than ever before. Yesterday (08. October 2014) in Boston at the RISI international Award Dinner Starkraft won the PPI award in the category “ Business Strategy of the Year”.

One of the most important competitions world wide
The PPI Awards Dinner was launched in 2009 and is the only competition in the world that recognizes the achievements and successes of companies within the pulp and paper industry. The awards are considered to be the "Oscars" of the industry. Alfred Heinzel, CEO of the Heinzel Group: "This award is an international valid quality standard in the paper and pulp industry. That we have been able to secure this important prize in this category, makes me very proud and shows that the decision to invest in a difficult market situation as well as here in Europe was the right one to make.”
Starkraft sets new standards in every respect
It was in November 2013 when the € 115 million new paper machine of Zellstoff Poels went into operation. It is the largest and most modern kraft paper machine in Europe and produces more than 80,000 tons of high quality white kraft paper, branded under the name Starkraft, per year. The paper is used for packaging food products such as soups, flour and sugar, as wrapping paper, for carrier or bread bags and is also used in the medical field. The quality pulp from the Zellstoff mill is processed directly into Starkraft. Dr. Kurt Maier, CEO of Zellstoff Pöls AG: "Within just 13 months, we have successfully implemented a project that sets new standards in every respect. Whilst in Europe many paper machines are being shut down, we have set up a strong niche product with growth potential. I am delighted that through the PPI Award this effort has been internationally recognized. "
Strategy to success
The PPI Award was received by Werner Hartmann, Managing Director of Starkraft: "I am very pleased that our project was able to prevail against applications from all over the world. We have emerged as a winner in the category „Business Strategy of the Year” which makes me very proud." This award is presented to the pulp or paper company that stands out among all others in devising and implementing a successful strategy for running its business. The winner is the company that has not only made successful investments or divestments, but has addressed the various needs of its customers and markets, whether on a global or regional basis, and is on a solid and secure financial footing for the future.

Mr. Werner Hartmann (centre) proudly holds the PPI Award 2014 for "Business Strategy of the Year" Photo courtesy and copyright of Evan Richman Photography.

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